Everything You Need To Know About Vediction’s Hair Mask

hair mask

Hair Mask – What it is & why you need it?

Often confused with hair conditioners, hair masks are different in many ways than you can imagine.

Apart from being thicker in texture, hair masks are different in the way they nourish your hair.

Hair Masks provides intense hydration and nourishment that reaches deep inside the hair structure. It does more than just soften your hair; it nourishes and regenerates your hair follicles.

Vediction’s Hair Mask is formulated specially for your hair; it provides supercharged care for your hair and scalp concerns. It contains the highest concentrations of your most-needed actives, along with additional ingredients that aren’t found in other products.

The hair mask repairs and protects your strands while soothing and restoring balance in your scalp.

Dealing with a flaky scalp, excessive sebum, dry ends or an all-too-sensitive scalp? Your custom hair mask can tackle all these issues with effective active ingredients.

Your hair mask contains 10 times concentrated amount of active ingredients. This concentration may be too high for a shampoo, but it’s just the right amount for a mask to provide all the nourishment your scalp & strand needs.

How to use your custom Hair Mask?

hair mask

Every customized hair kit comes with an instruction card on how to use each of the products. Hair Mask should always be used on damp hair and followed by shampoo.

Warm a walnut size amount of hair mask in your palms and apply onto your scalp section by section. Take a similar amount and work it thru to the lengths of your hair. A little heat helps the product penetrate, so you can apply your mask then heat your strands with a hair steamer or a hot towel.

Leave it on for 15-60 minutes and rinse it completely followed by shampoo & conditioner.

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True Story: How our customers like to use the Hair Mask

I wash my hair lightly with the customized shampoo first to remove any oil or dirt. I then apply the hair mask as suggested in the instruction card, put on a shower cap & move on to my weekly body scrubbing ritual & my shaving ritual (yes, I save money on waxing). This gives enough time for the hair mask to work its magic! I rinse off the hair mask with luke warm water and then shampoo & condition the hair as I normally would. - Aneesha

I am lazy when it comes to taking care of myself. I go to my padoswali aunty’s parlor every two weeks to get my brows done, I carry my hair mask along and ask her to apply it for me. It is more like a spa time for me and my hair loves it! - Keerthi

I wash my hair the night before I plan on using the hair mask. The next morning I spray my hair with water to dampen it and apply the hair mask and cover it with hot towel. I leave it on for some time and carry on with my house work. I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone (house work + hair care). - Pritisha

Understand what your hair needs and get customized hair care solution.