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So good

I have used Vediction hair care kit for 2 months consistently now and have seen amazing change in my hair. The customer support is also so good. I got all the help and tips I needed. Thanks Vediction.

New Concept definitely works

I always bought shampoos from supermarket. I saw this ad of vediction on facebook and was very much interested to try. At first took trial kit only. Hair beacme smooth and less hair fall. Now trying complete kit. Seeing new hair growth also. Definitely working.


I am using Vediction customized hair care kit for my hair fall and I selected other hair goals like Volume and strength. I am definitely seeing less hairfall and my hair feels volume for 2-3 days after hair wash. Highly highly recommend this kit!!

Never trying any other products

The customized products is suiting my hair so very well. I am going to stick to it. Never buying any other hair products from supermarket now. I feel the quality is so very good. I hope they can increase the quantity a liitle bit. But overall 👍👍

Using for 2 months

I am using Vediction Customized complete hair care kit for almost 2 months. My hairfall and Dandruff almost gone. Hair become soft. Very very good products

Fab hair kit

My hair growth increased. Hair growing faster than before liking the quality of products. Very good.


Good hair kit

Super kit

First purchase I made I only 3 products. Super results now order full kit. Thank you

Very good

Very good kit. Good results 👌

Good service good products

The customer support is good.i had confusion while choosing my kit and answering some questions. The customer service representative cleared all my douts. I received kit within 4days I'm using it for 2 weeks now. Liking the products how it is working on my hair